Teddy’s Camp: On a Bearish Adventure into the Woods

“Teddy gets on the bus to start off for camp, sad to part.”

Teddy takes his adventure to the next level – off to summer camp to meet new friends and explore the woods. Follow along and you’ll see that every step away will bring you closer to home. Isn’t it exciting?

Experience the wonders of summer camp with Teddy and his new friends:
• Meet some crazy counselors
• Stay in a cabin
• Swim to your heart’s content
• Take a grassy nap
• Make tie-dye t-shirts
• Sail away with the wind at your tail
• Race the waves with your friends
• Horseback riding, Woo Hoo!
• Campfires and songs galore

Take the journey withTeddy on his first trip away from home… offto summer camp for to make new friends from all over the world and together go on new adventures.